I am, to put it simply, a lover of theatre–acting, directing, writing. I also love humor, though I never thought I was actually capable of creating humor very well at all. In high school, I attempted to write a spoof of Jingle Bells, but my audience consisted of about four people. So at this stage in my life, I am attempting spoofs and parodies again, testing my abilities with a wider audience base.

Sorry…what was that?

Oh. …You wanted an “About” page to be about the blog… 🙂

Very well.

Take a large amount of theatre theory, mix in about three handfuls of nursery rhymes and children’s stories, then season it with some current events. Finally, add a dash of inside jokes. Cook for twenty minutes or until medium rare. Well-done not advised.


2 comments on “About

  • Hi, I love the beginings of your blog, I think it has a great future, and maybe the childrens theatre has a great future too. Love the theme chice also.
    Kind Regards, Liz Dees.

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